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ECR Asia is a Green Technology company which builds, owns and operates Municipal Solid Waste Recycling Facilities within developing Asian Countries to challenge major shocks to economic development due to the illness, health risks, and lack of land to contain the garbage being produced.

ECR Asia’s tire-to-fuel technology and recycling processes will contribute to the mitigation of a worldwide environmental tire and plastic disposal crisis.

Strong markets exist for all the recycled tire products that our plants produce including diesel, heating oil, synthetic gas, char, scrap steel and electricity.

ECR Asia encourages a strong relationship with Youth, Women, and local ownership in developing countries by implementing a “Road Reconstruction” strategy and “Youth Job Creation” strategy on every implementation. Social development is as important to our feasibility and downstream job creation and growth of the markets we work with.

ECR Asia can assist clients in the development of the business plans and proposals for Government and Development agency funding.

ECR ASIA has partnered with an Investment Bank who will consider developing Bond offerings and investing up to 25% equity for plants and projects that we quote on in markets that require Human Progress by the use of technology.

With the growing number of “Learning, Industrial, and Technology” policies with “Green” and “recycling” focuses within developing Countries, The ECR Asia Waste to Diesel plants unlock the potential of existing policies and growth strategies for ridding Countries of waste, domestic manufacturing and production of diesel that can be locally distributed with a lesser carbon footprint, and extremely profitable for the local business partners and owners of the business and downstream beneficiaries of bi-products.

There is no other business that we are aware of where an investment of $500,000 to $50 million dollars can be paid back within 2-3 years of operations with over 800% returns over 10 years based on free or low cost feedstock.

Whether you are looking to buy a plant, invest into an existing project that is being developed using the technology, or planning the implementation of a waste management site for a Municipal Waste or private waste site, you should contact ECR Asia for a quote today.

About Us


ECR Asia is a Philippine based company, which has an efficient, non-polluting, tire-to-energy technology that safely recycles, used tires into high value energy products including fuel oil, synthetic gas (syngas) and carbon char.

This process also yields byproducts including scrap steel from steel belting and electricity produced by syngas powered generators. Our technology is environmentally pollution free without significant air emissions or risk of groundwater contamination.

Because the plant emissions are well within existing environmental standards, we do not anticipate permitting opposition or credible environmental concerns. The fuel oil derived from tires was tested at the Clean Burn Energy Systems facility in Manila,. The tests determined that our fuel oil is a high-energy, low emission fuel that slightly surpasses #2 heating oil in BTU content.

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