Tire Recycling


Can you imagine discovering an oil field that produces 110,000 barrels of refined diesel oil per year? One that requires no exploration, no wellhead drilling & replenishes itself each year with more oil than you started with?

What if you actually got paid to process the oil field and got to keep the oil at the same time? What if we told you that you would also be preventing pollution and producing carbon credits at the same time? It’s not science fiction; it is just one part of our business model.

A tyre pyrolysis facility that processes 100 tonnes of scrap tires per day produces the following each year:
• One 20 pound tire produces .875 US gallons of oil
• A 100 TPD tyre pyrolysis plant produces 110,000 barrels of oil a year
• A 100 TPD tire pyrolysis plant produces 300 barrels of oil a day.
A commercially proven solution that produces over 15x more than the average producing US oil well

Tire Recycling


Over 80 million tires are stored in tire dumps in the Philippines and over 10 million more tires are disposed of every year in legal and illegal tire dumps. Not only is disposing of tires very expensive for municipalities, tire dumps also pose serious environmental and health hazards. Toxic tire dump fires, often the result of arson, cause extensive air pollution and groundwater contamination. Hundreds of tire dump fires occur every year. Hundreds of tire dump fires occur every year and cause immeasurable air and groundwater pollution.

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